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pluss pluss 

Friday 13th October - Sunday 15th October, 2023

Q Street, NW Washington, DC 

Carmen Dominguez-Estrada 

Claire Thompson

Melanie Perez

Neema Rowe 

Skye Melena 


Melanie Perez, Not Yet Titled, 2023, Digital, 3 minutes 22 seconds

Carmen Dominguez-Estrada, Not Yet Titled, 2023, Mixed media


Carmen Dominguez-Estrada, Not Yet Titled, 2023, Mixed media


Carmen Dominguez-Estrada, Cosita Linda, 2023, Mixed media, 18 x 12"

Neema Rowe, Photo w/ Girlies, 2019, Digital, Unique, 12 x 18" 


Neema Rowe, KAJIADO, 2022, 35mm, Unique, 12 x 18" 


Carmen Dominguez-Estrada, Not Yet Titled, 2023, Mixed media, 18 x 12"  I Love This Life, Give Me Another!, 2023, Mixed media, 18 x 12"


Claire Thompson, the last britney spears at the end of the world (if I can't be an artist i'll be a-), 2021, Oil on panel, 8 x 10"  


Skye Melena, Preface, 2023, Paper clay, steel, crochet, spray paint, mirror paper


Skye Melena, Preface, 2023, Steel table, paper clay, hand-knit crochet, spray paint, mirror paper, synthetic fur


Carmen Dominguez Estrada, Not Yet Titled, 2023, Mixed media

Skye Melena, Beat of Love, 2023, Mixed Media, Unique, 10 x 10" 


Neema Rowe, Pit Stop, 2022, 35mm, Unique, 12 x 18" 


Anna Maydanik, Please Me, 2023, Framed Prada, 11 x 8.5" 

In the early hours of Friday, October 13th, the season of pluss pluss begins. The girl who’s got it all, but can’t keep up, digs her heels into the ground, and faces the wind of paying your way and paying your dues. Exorbitant regret in the middle of the night churns into the relief of pluss pluss. In her possessions pluss pluss blossoms, as she reuses and recycles both omens and memories to possess a fragment of the excess forever.


Amidst possessions, pluss pluss lounges and watches what no one else will. The artist’s possessions meld and grow roots, stirring hypnosis into the convictions shed with girlhood. In every object, pluss pluss holds and inspires more than is wanted. An exorbitance of soft, welcoming affirmations. pluss pluss cares about herself because no one else will. Without your benefit of the doubt, she softens and breaks what decides for her. 


pluss pluss is nothing without its mess. The apartment is missing early family years and the unwanted influence of uncomfortable visitors. pluss pluss festers in the empty feeling of a prolonged flinch. pluss pluss is for a smudged girl, softening and breaking the doubt deciding for her.


pluss pluss is prep goes wrong, and the dread for what would be exciting with the right preparations presses on the bruises of failure.


pluss pluss is dedicated to these Early Years. When we’ve finally accepted certain weaknesses; still running from disappointment. In this apartment, memories become objects and omens. pluss pluss marches forward, into the plethora of a new season. Friday the 13th is a day of fear that everything won’t work out. That some losses aren’t worth this past.


pluss pluss is a home, and all the wonders that surround your sleep and peaceful swelling dreams. Now open weak eyes upon the endless pleasures beyond any of pluss pluss. We dig our heels into common ground, and trudge forward, through every disruption, casually shedding flinches and pouts. Life is dreadful isn’t it? Because it really isn’t your’s, oh only a scary thought for a girl denied all benefits of doubt.  


pluss pluss is about emptying feelings. Their steady traffic and the remaining bits and pieces. pluss pluss is about working with what you’ve got. Just keep processing, girl.

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